Ultimate Frisbee!


Cool! I have never played, but was just talking with a friend about our mutual interest in Ultimate Fris the other day. Might have to go check this out. Thanks for posting!

There are a large group of us (Couchsurfers) who usually play on Sundays, very informally in the park.

Perhaps we can have a match one time?!


OMG!!!!!! I am so happy to learn of this!!! I will be arriving in November to stay a short time in Buenos Aires, and THIS I will have to put on my to-do list!


I arrive in BA in a week and am pumped to get in on some ultimate frisbee. I have been debating about whether I should pack my basketball shoes or not. Is basketball popular in BA? Are there a decent amount of courts around, would I have any use for my basketball shoes?
Basketball is fairly popular actually. Just a mater of finding a court. Most gyms/clubs have basketball courts, but they can be pricey. Im down for some hoops if someone want to organize! =p