Unlocked Cell Phone


Does anyone have a duff on what kind of unlocked cell phone I should bring with me from the states? I will be moving permanently to Buenos Aires next year. Should I bring more than one?


Most phones will work in argentina as long as they are GSM not CDMA. GSM means they use a chip. Some companies like Verizon in the US are CDMA. Those phones will not work here. Below is a list of the frequencies used here. Just look at the phone's specs and make sure that the frequencies are included on the list.


2G capabilities

GSM 850, GSM 1900

3G capabilities

UMTS 850, UMTS 1900

4G capabilities

LTE 700(28), LTE 1700(4), LTE 2100 (4)

And here is a website where you can put any cell phone model in and see if it will work in Argentina.

Frequency Checker


Regarding additional phones you could compare the cost vs the price you could sell it for (see Mercadolibre.ar).

There may be an issue in getting repairs. Perhaps one of the other expats could comment on the availability of Iphone parts vs Samsung.