Unusual Situation


Sep 11, 2008
Hi all. I'm been a lurker for years and I'm hesitant to ask anything really since I've seen people get judgmental really really fast but here goes.

I've lived her for years without residency, mostly because early on in my stay I had a catastrophic, life-threatening illness.

I've been treated the last 3.5 years in the public health care system.

During that time, my passport was stolen. I got it replaced.

Now I'm prepared to leave, in more or less good health. But I didn't cross the border in all that time. So no entry stamp.

I don't have proof of the theft because the police report, along with most of my other worldly goods, were withheld from me in unusual circumstances. There is a tiny record of a police report in that instance. I'm not sure I still have it though.

I do have proof of my illness, way too much proof, along with proof of treatment. I do have a certificate that says I didn't do anything bad here, whatever that's called, procured during a aborted attempt to get residency. I was just too exhausted during treatment. Hard enough for a well person I imagine.

What can I expect at the border? Should I do something to prepare? Should I get legal advice? I'm sure they're happy to see me leave.

I am glad you've recovered. Do you have some sort of proof to show that your passport was stolen? With that, it should be enough. As long as you were allowed to enter the country by an immigration official, you'll be somewhere in the system. I imagine that your name and birth date will be enough to find you in the database, but you could probably help speed up the process with the number of the passport that was stolen.
I filed a police report but that was lost along my insane journey.

I do have a scan of my original passport.
I filed a police report but that was lost along my insane journey.

I do have a scan of my original passport.

That should show you entered the country. Anyway, I think you should just pay the overstay fee before leaving (I suppose your new passport is more than 90 days old). It would be worth to check with Migraciones, just in case.
Of cours,e if you had the whole enchilada of documents and proof it would be better, but after all... what can you do now?! If they're gone, they're gone!
You can always take a boat to Uruguay. It is easier from Tigre to Carmelo, few checks, or you can ask a friend to buy a ticket, get a visa to Uruguay if required, Argentina has practically no border controls except at airports, etc.
You will undoubtedly have to pay the $600 overstay fee when you leave unless you leave at an "unattended" border crossing (if any actually do exist).

Does the scan of your old passport include the page with your entry stamp? If it does, I wonder what more they would ask for when you finally depart.

Unless you came here a long time ago, your first date of entry with your old passport number should be in the system.

The only thing you might have to worry about (and only if you didn't have the scanned copy of your old passport that shows your first entry) would be an accusation of entering the country "illegally" but that doesn't seem likely.

If you are leaving by air at EZE, you can try to pay the overstay fee at the Retiro Omnibus Terminal up to ten days before your scheduled departure. If they allow you to pay the fee/fine you can go straight to the airline check in at the airport. You will go through the ""final" migraciones clearance before preceding to the gate, but with the receipt for the overstay and the copy of your old passport in hand you should be OK.

If the copy of your old passport does not include the page with the entry stamp, perhaps you could get a certificate from migraciones "verifying" your date of "legal" entry. You won't be the first foreigner to leave with a new passYou will undoubtedly have to pay the $600 overstay fee when you leave unless you actually leave at an "unattended" border crossing (if any actually do exist).

I have the impression you are leaving Argentina and not returning soon (if at all). Unless you are trying to get a new 90 day visa I don't see why you would consider going to Uruguay, unless it really is an "easier" way out.
Leaving isn't really the issue... it's the coming back part (if you're planning to come back) that could be problematic, but I don't think you should have too many issues.

Since you don't have a stamp in your passport, they'll most likely assume you've overstayed -- which is true, and if you say that you did (as you should), they aren't going to argue with you about it. From my understanding it doesn't matter if you overstay by 4 days or 4 years. The fee and process is the same.

Have the photocopies of your old passport (or at the very least the passport number if it's different than your current one) and simply pay before checking in as anyone else who has overstayed does. I'm sure migraciones sees plenty of new passports due to the original being stolen. Your background check and medical records don't really play a part here. I don't think you're going to get grilled by migraciones over why you overstayed or what you've been doing... they treat it almost like routine paperwork (unless you've had several overstays and then they might scold you a bit.)

Best of luck and hope you fully recover.
Thanks for all the replies and well wishes. No, I'm not coming back.
Uff that is a tough situation long term illness is not fun. Have you checked with your embassy? They might be able to assist with some of this or atleast clam and jitters you may have about proceeding? My experiences with the US embassies down here have always been good. I guess that depends on the country you are from. I really would not worry about it and even my experiences with immagrations here have been good when I needed something. I am sure they would understand and be willing to point you in the right direction.

In your case I just would not want to get hung up at a crossing so having someone help you make sure you have the correct documentation etc will make that a smooth process.
Have you asked at the police station where you filed the report about your stolen passport? They might be able to give you another copy. I would not suggest trying to cross the border @ Uruguay to try to get a new stamp, in both Colonia and Carmelo they are very much attended and they will check all your documents.