Upcoming Events: Yoga, Spanish Class, Argentine Cooking Class & Documentary -- South American Explo


Dec 13, 2005
Upcoming Events at the South American Explorers Clubhouse:
Interested in spending an afternoon experiencing a traditional gaucho horse show? Meet at the clubhouse at 1pm and we'll go there together. RSVP required: [email protected]. Thanks!
Argentina where Italian cuisine is especially popular, gnocchi (known as ñoquis) are traditionally eaten on the 29th day of each month. This was the day before payday, when people were at their poorest. Gnocchi made a cheap and hearty meal - not to mention delicious! Learn how to prepare this traditional feast and enjoy good company on Thursday at the Clubhouse.
To reserve your spot for any of these events, please RSVP to [email protected] or 4307-9625
South American Explorers
Buenos Aires Clubhouse
Estados Unidos 577 (Between Peru and Bolivia)
Monday & Tuesday 1pm - 6pm, Wednesday - Sunday 1pm - 7pm

$7 USD (21 pesos) for members and $9 USD (27 pesos) for non-members.

Sunday, April 1st @ 3.00pm - Sunday Afternoon Movie

In tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Guerra de las Malvinas (Falklands War), Argentina celebrates the public holiday Malvinas Day on April 2nd. We will be showing an informative and moving documentary on the subject on Sunday afternoon.
Free for members and $1 USD (3 pesos) for non-members.

Thursday, March 29th @ 7.30pm - Argentine Cooking Class
Tuesday, March 27th @ 11.30am - Yoga at the Clubhouse

As if you didn't know already, our Tuesday morning Yoga session is a great way to start the week and give your mind and body a break! The class is suitable for all levels. Please RSVP to reserve your space and mat (if you don’t have one).
6 pesos for members and $4 USD (12 pesos) for non-members.

Tuesday, March 27th @ 6.00pm - Spanish Conversation Class

Looking to practice your Spanish in a friendly and interesting environment? Our Spanish conversation classes touch on a different topic every week and are guaranteed to get your Spanish up to Porteñ o speed!
Classes are free for members and $2USD ($6 pesos) for non-members.

Thursday, March 29th @ 11.30am - Yoga at the Clubhouse

It’s Yoga time again! Pull on some comfortable clothes and come down to the clubhouse for a Thursday morning stretch! Don’t forget to RSVP to reserve a space and a mat.
6 pesos for members and $4 USD (12 pesos) for non-members.

Thursday, March 29th @ 1pm - Traditional Argentine Horse Show