Urgent request for NGO/charity venue


Nov 1, 2010
Hi All,
This is a request on behalf of Club Unión de los Pibes (http://uniondelospibes.blogspot.com). As you can see from the website, the organisation works with vulnerable children (and families) in the southern part of Capital Federal, and has been trying to provide them with a safe environment once or twice a week in which to study and to play.
At the end of last year, the venue the Club was using became unavailable. Without a place to meet, the amount of outreach the Club can do is limited and therefore it is searching urgently for a new building. Preferably an old house, in Barracas or Boca, ideally close to Montes de Oca or Regimentos de Patricios. If anyone knows of anything, or has any ideas about how to narrow the search, then either PM me or send details of prices and requirements to [email protected].
It's a completely apolitical organisation, simply trying to do some good. It relies entirely on the time, energy and imagination of its volunteers, both international and local, and no-one draws a salary. If you have any advice on buildings, or simply wants to know more, then please get in touch.
Thanks and best wishes,
I think the CGP (Centro de Gestion y Participacion) that is the local office of the Municipalidad that belongs to that area might help.