(Urgent) Temporary or ongoing babysitting/domestic job for a friend

courtney m

Hello fellow expats,

I'm reaching out to the community here on behalf of a close friend of mine who is living in BA. I'm from Australia, and although my friend Era and I have been living here for months now, she has been unable to find work and is in a pretty tough situation financially. The problem is she doesn't speak Spanish, like me, however I'm lucky enough to have found work teaching English online. As she is from Russia she doesn't have the prestige of a native-English speaking passport (although her English is good).

I'm wondering if there are any other expats out there looking for a nanny, or someone to help with domestic chores, assistance with organisation, or something of the sort? Era is an exceptionally organised person with enough energy to rearrange a house and prepare 3 days' worth of food in less than a day. She also has experience teaching art classes to children, and has working with children documentation. Moreover she's worked as a cleaner and a personal stylist. She has a lot of skills, but nowhere to put them to use here, as she can't contact native people without Spanish.

Anyone who needs any kind of help at home, temporary or ongoing, or could suggest to me where I might encounter some work for her, I would appreciate your help so much!

Saludos and cheers from San Telmo!