US congresswoman lets rip at Argentina, CFK over China ties


Jan 4, 2022
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Instead of siding with the USA who trained and supported every military dictatorship in South America?

Not to mention the gross hypocrisy of this particular issue. Argentina cannot buy jets from most western sources, because the British keep vetoing any attempt to do so. Argentina turns to non-western sources, so Ted Cruz's lovechild stepsister throws a hissy fit and literally threatens Argentina.
The US has a tendency to humiliate and attack just about every other nation (including Argentina) and even their own allies (see Victoria Nuland statements on Nordstream2), so it's very logical that everyone gravitates towards China to get what the West/US refuses to supply, without the humiliation or interference in domestic politics, and even at a cheaper price too.

This congresswoman is all bark, no bite. Deserves no attention.
This congresstwit seems to be a typical example of the Cubazuelan hard right wannabe coupmongers who washed up in Miami and have been flapping their lips across the Caribbean for the past 50 years or so to absolutely zero effect. I doubt that anyone is seriously paying attention.
The real reason that Argentina can't buy planes or tanks from many western nations is because Argentina has this habit of not paying after buying, for instance, did you know that Argentina never paid the UK for the ARA Hercules and the ARA Santisima Trinidad?two type 42 destroyers built in the UK( Hercules) and built here but equipped by UK in 1980 (Trinidad) , this among many other weapons deals gone sour with western powers.
Just leave it to an Argentine to play victim and they'll convince you the world is against them.
And yes, military coups were backed by America same as the guerrilleros were backed by Cuba and every commie known to man that wanted to dip their hands in Latam. so..... boo hoo if the commies lost, maybe just maybe that's why a republican democracy still exists around here, only God knows what would've happened if the guerrilleros had won.
Perhaps, buying and paying would be a more simple way of doing business instead of letting foreign powers build bases on their territories.