US Health Care Reform and Expats


Mar 25, 2007
Has someone been able to find the specific legislation that deals with expats? Is there any provision for expats? If not, how much will American expats have to pay when the law takes force?
My casual research this morning indicates that according to HR 3590 Subtitle F, Part 1, Section 1501 (4)

American citizens who are individuals legally "Residing" out of the US, (which I believe is officially considered living with a visa or permit more than 330 days a year out of the US - but I need a citation for that) are considered to be "covered" in regards to the bill (meaning they are considered to have health insurance), and thus, are not responsible under the individual mandate section of the bill to buy insurance in the USA.

HR 3590 Subtitle F, Part 1, Section 1501 (4)

(4) INDIVIDUALS RESIDING OUTSIDE UNITED STATES OR RESIDENTS OF TERRITORIES- Any applicable individual shall be treated as having minimum essential coverage for any month--

That being said, I don't know if perma-tourists will be considered "legally residing" out of the USA, and thus, they may be subject to the mandate. I would tend to doubt that perma-tourists who don't have a "legal residency" outside of the US would be considered "residing" outside of the US.

The following questions remain:
1. What will be the cost of buying the basic insurance?
2. What the change in each individual's income taxes will be?
3. Whether it is better for an individual to buy insurance or better to not buy and then just pay the penalty?

Consult with your tax attorney on those!
Does anyone have a copy of the 2,500 (mas o menos) page tax reform bill that Congress voted on, yesterday 21/04? I´m sure that all questions will be answered,after you´ve read it. Can they make us buy U.S. health insurance that we won´t be able to use? Let´s not forget the the IRS is going to enforce all the rules. I´m a U.S. born U.S. citizen. My only address is in BA. I don´t work and leave every 90 days. I spend about 15 days in the U.S. (3 separate trips) annually. Please, Nancy, help us expats!!
Fred, you know that's next! I can hear it now:

"There are millions of US expats living around the world who live without our wonderful health care, backed by the newly-reformed insurance system! We must do something to save them! We will work to ensure that all of those unfortunate individuals are covered. Whether they want it or not!"
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The Senate bill that passed on 24 December 2009 was HR 3590.

As stated above, this bill does make mention of those who are residing outside of the US.

The House of Representatives voted yesterday for the budget reconciliation measure.

As the Senate has already approved (in December) the language involved regarding to those residing outside of the US, I can't see why they would make a change to that now during the last minute reconciling today or tomorrow.
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