US senate bill


Sep 17, 2009
There is a lot of misunderstanding about the US senate bill that was rushed through today, Christmas Eve, at 7am.

Below a clarification:

The bill, should it become law, would do the following:

1) If you today do not have health insurance, you would be forced to buy private health insurance for you and your family.

2) You may be required to pay up to 9.8% of your income for this policy.

3) If you do not pay, the IRS will add the cost of a private policy to your tax liability with the addition of a fine up to US$ 750.

No laws have been passed as of yet. A single bill must pass through both the House and the Senate and then be signed by the president in order to become law.

That's a merry Christmas from Obama to the American people. You gotta be Mcdonalds loving it. Next up: Martial law and another great depression.
this is another nail in the coffin of the US.....

not surprising as we have seen this coming for some time.....the US standard of living will continue to decline as energy costs increase, the dollar fails and US companies leave in mass to cheaper foreign countries thus decimating our industries further.......

thank goodness we have a jobless those green ben bernanke as the time man of the year......obama with the nobel peace prize....anybody seeing a pattern of fraud here??

the plan is starting to unravel a bit with climate gate and exposing al gore as a fraud but its most likely too little too late.......
I just don't get why no one around here wonders why pre-paid scambags from accredited "news media" calling this planned country demolition by "path to socialism".
You guys are like a bunch of housewives sitting around dreaming you're gonna get a date with Brad Pitt.... so deeply sucked into your own bizarre fantasies that the touch with reality is ALMOST gone, they're never gonna pass a bill like that, COME ON !!! Yeah, America's falling apart but NOBODY'S gonna go for this Senate bill unless there's a Government Option or some kind of giant discount/competition creating option to bring prices WAY DOWN.... Look at this, my Amigo's are a bunch of "Drama Queens"..... here, reach towards the light, give me your hand - come back to us, you're sinking into the abyss !!!