US State Income Tax Question - File or Not?

Lee said:
I have been living in BA as a tourist for the past 2 years (I like long vacations) and it is tax time yet again. I always pay my federal taxes online so that is no problem. My question is about state income taxes.

I have not physically lived in ANY STATE for 2 years. Therefore, do I need to file a tax return for this tax year? Prior to coming to BA I was a resident of the state of California.

Bottom line...having not actually lived in California do I need to file a state return?

Thanks for the suggestions!

Lee, it depends, California apparently makes it tough not to pay.
Take a look at the link attached under
Avoiding U.S. State Taxes
You do, but if you have not lived or visited you owe nothing. If you plan to stay longer you should condider changing residency to a state without income tax.
Yes, you absolutely have to file. I've lived outside the states for years as a cal resident and each year had to file state. Even if you visit california for a couple of weeks, as a california state resident, you are subject to taxation. Isn't that wonderful! I learned my lesson and quickly changed residences to a state w/o income tax.
A retired friend of mine who owned a home in Mexico but still had a Cal drivers license and bank accounts in Cal always had to file state returns there. He changed his legal residence from California to Nevada before selling the Mexican property. He also got a Nevada driver's license and closed his Cal bank accounts before completing the sale. Then he moved to Kentucky. Go figure.