USA election night


Oct 8, 2008
so Im wondering where in BA can I watch the election results english, and on CNN, BBC whatever if avaliable....

any tips guys
I am sure that there will be some sort of event but the results will not be known probably until late that night as the polling results are not released until the voting is finished in each state. It should be a very interesting night.
yes your right. i wanted to grab a beer on nov 4th, sit down and watch the results unfold....7pm till 2am sort of thing
Exactly - if anyone knows which bars/clubs will be showing it please could they put the details up here, as I will be returning to BA on the 4th and don`t want to miss it...
hello loadsofmonkeys,

ive organised a venue at the El Alamo Bar on tuesday the 4th of November. Ive contacted the Bar, and they will have CNN running....Ill be there at 4pm, thats 6pm NYC time

see you if you can make it
matinbelgrano said:
Ill be there at 4pm, thats 6pm NYC time

Actually 4pm (BA time) would be 2pm NYC time and soon there will be a 3 hour time difference.
Democrats Abroad will also be hosting something in Palermo, likely at Bar Sacramento or Sugar. Once I know the details I'll be sure to share.
Sugar's election night event:

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I'm sure there will be quite a few places showing the election. And I think that the clocks fall back Saturday night Nov. 1st. Entonces, we should be 3 hours ahead of the East Coast by election night.

That means 6 hours ahead of California/Oregon/Washington/Nevada/...Idaho(?) and they close their polls at 8:00pm. (2am Buenos Aires time)