Ushuaia? I gotta see a penguin before I go!!!


Feb 25, 2009
I really REALLY really need to see some penguins before I go back to the US. Can anybody tell me the best way to get down to Ushuaia? I heard there is a bus, but I'd rather not spend 2 years getting down there if I only have a few days to visit.


You don't need to go to Ushuaia to see Penguins, Puerto Madryn is a quarter of the way.

I believe Argentine Airlines and L.A.D.E. are flying there.

Check out

Ticket prices are likely to be higher for non-residents.
BsAs4U said:
I'd say it would be better to stick to the air for this one. No matter how comfortable the bus is, that is one LONG ride.

It is not just long, it is LOOOOONG :)

I believe it is 35 hours by bus to Rio Gallegos, and then 12 more hours from Rio Gallegos to Ushuaia. The bus from Rio Gallegos is operated by some local company and does not go every day.
You can fly Lan or Aerolineas Argentinas, with their surcharge for foreigners or take the bus, maybe stop in Bariloche or Puerto Madryn along the way.

I saw a penguin walk up on a beach just south of Mar del Plata a few years ago. I think it was out of it's range, it looked tired and weak, and maybe a little ill. Some people "rescued" it and were going to take it to a vet. But it was an interesting sight to see. They certainly have a range far north of Ushuaia, you don't need to go all the way there to see one.