using western union with Argentina


Mar 7, 2008
Hi all,

does anyone know how much it costs to send western union from a Western Union agent BsAs to elsewhere in argentina? The Website shows how much to send to other SAmerica countries but I can't find for Argenina.

I'm trying to book a room in Puerto Madryn and everywhere is insisting on Western Union for a deposit. The fee online to send from teh States is $20USD - not worth it for a $60usd room!

Just be careful if they want western union transfer to pay deposit or the whole amount for a room here.. i Have heard of scams where they do that here, for places that dont exist, or that they dont own.. and when i was looking for an apartment here was asked the same thing a couple of times, but when i asked about seeing the apartment first (they didnt realise i was in BSAS) never heard from them again..
thanks davonz. I got the place off trip advisor so we'll see..

Does anyone have apartment holiday rentals to recommend in puerto madryn?
thanks guys. This is just a short vacation to Puerto Madryn. I live in BsAS. So i'm just booking an apartment there for two nights. Was just wondering if anyone has sent Western Union from BsAs to other parts of Argentina, and how much it cost.

If you are here in Argentina, just ask them for some bank account details so you can go to the local branch in Buenos Aires and make the deposit.