Vaccination without DNI?


Just curious to see if anyone has been able to get vaccinated yet as a non-documented foreigner. I just tried to register on the BA province site VACUNATEPBA and it requires a DNI "yes or yes"...(although I read in the article below that supposedly it will be possible to upload a different document?)

Copied from Cronista May 2021:

Las personas extranjeras que quieran inscribirse en Buenos Aires Vacunate para obtener un turno deberán ingresar a través de la web y elegir la opción "Me quiero registrar".

Una vez allí, se deberá seleccionar la opción "Necesito ayuda en la registración", lo que habilita el formulario de carga de datos personales, que incluye la opción "Adjunte identidad", que permite cargar un archivo que acredite la identidad de la persona.

Dicho archivo podrá ser la copia de un documento expedido por el país de origen de la persona que se inscribe, o bien la constancia de residencia precaria, temporaria o
permanente o la solicitud de reconocimiento de estatus como persona refugiada.


I'm afraid I can't help you with the province. I can say that for the city (CABA) the registration system gives us the option of identifying ourselves with our passport number. I thought that was surprisingly broad thinking on their behalf.

The only reservation I have is that it is now 10 days since I registered and I have not received an invitation to get the vaccine. I am not yet worried though, as other people I know (Argentines with DNI) who registered at the same time are also still waiting on any response.

Rich One

I was told at a vacunatorio in May that if you have Precaria document and have not received the DNI yet , Can get the vaccine with your passport.


Great, is there an online registration? Can't seem to find it
I put VACUNATEPBA in Google to get to the website and I see the problem you mention in your earlier post. The "Necesito ayuda en la registración" link you quoted needs a DNI. There’s an email link at the bottom of the page, maybe you could ask for help? Or, depending on your age category you might be entitled to turn up at a vaccination centre without an appointment.


The only reservation I have is that it is now 10 days since I registered and I have not received an invitation to get the vaccine.
My advise is don't just sit and wait. Just call up 147 as many times as it's necessary to get a human response and they will assign you an appointment available probably for the following working day. This has been my experience and I received the vaccine I wanted to get during the week I decided to get my vaccine and in the vaccination center of my choice. This is in CABA.
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