Vegan Activists Attack Pizzeria Guerin and Parrilla La Churrasquita

I may have to go try these two places out. One time in Austin, they protested one place because they served foie gras. I had to see what the fuss was about. Turns out they had the best foie gras... and I was a customer for many years.
Funniest nonsense ever.

"We want the animals to live in peace, so we commit acts of vandalism against property and make threats of violence against employees and patrons."

I'm gonna go eat a steak and a pizza.
Reuters reports that for the month of September 2018, annualized domestic meat consumption was 108 pounds per capita. That was down 17% from pre-peso collapse. In other words, before the peso fell, Argentine annual meat consumption per person was around 130 pounds per year.

Vegans have an uphill battle in Argentina.
It's just like religion, I will honor your right to worship as you like. You can eat whatever you want to. Don't tell me what I should and should not eat.
I am more shocked that someone who lives in BsAs has never been to Guerin, myself.

Guerin is a landmark for Argentinian Pizza, sold by the Slice, at the counter on Avenida Corrientes, fugazzeta rellena a specialty, among other dozen toppings.(sort of deep pan style, like Pizza Hut! :rolleyes:).

No way near Siamo Nel Forno if you are thin crust, Pizza Napoletana style Lover...