Very Concerned- How Long Will Migraciones Be Closed???


Feb 22, 2009

I am very concerned because I today have heard from my immigration lawyer handling my case that was to be ready this Friday (July 10th) that Migraciones is closed (at least, as far as I know, this Thursday and Friday) due to the swine flu. Nothing at this point has been rescheduled.

I am extremely apprehensive, because I just interviewed for and got a job position that would begin on Monday, August 3rd, but it hinges on my ability to get my temporary DNI/residency.

All my papers are set and in order, but as you know, it's not so easy to get an appointment and I have no way of finding out (since my Spanish is not too good and I don't know what terms to Google) if this will be just for the remainder of this week or longer.

Is there any way of finding out (through a website, etc.) about what is going on over at Migraciones? I'm on pins and needles, and cannot bear to just play "the waiting game"!

Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
If you have a lawyer handling your case, why can't he and/or she call and find out what you need to know?

Also, they just might be closed do to the holiday tomorrow, many businesses are taking a 4 day weekend.

Best of luck!
There's a big red note on their web site posted today:

La DNM informa que los turnos otorgados telefónicamente para el día 10 de julio, con el objeto de realizar trámites de residencia, fueron reasignados para el día 21 de julio, respetando las mismas franjas horarias.

(those who had appointments for July 10th have been re-assigned for July 21st, same time)
Hi, hopefully your new employer will be sensitive to the situation considering this is out of your control. A colleague of mine made it through immigration just last week, but was unable to obtain the CUIL at the ANSES office due to Swine Flu office closes. Online appointments are now only accepted. There are time limits between getting the precaria (from immigration) and then getting the CUIL, I think it is 30 days which should be fine in this case. However, I believe the gestor that our company uses said that they should be relaxing this time frame as the situation is completely out of our control.

I would suggest emailing/phoning your new employer and explaining the situation now. That it may or may not be that you do have the CUIL before your starting date in August. It is fairly public news that public services are closing down left, right and center.