Very early morning flight - 86 bus to airport


Oct 2, 2006
Hello all!I have a very early morning flight coming up at EZE, about 6am, weekday. I have taken the 86 bus to EZE before, around late noon and it works well. Does anyone know if this bus runs all night into the morning? 50cents or so to get to the airport is much more appealing to me verses a $10 or more remise or taxi. Thanks.
Just a thought,
Still would like to know the above about the early morning bus, but maybe I just might go late night and stay up the night till the early morning flight. Maybe might as well seeing it´s so early. I go to bed around 2am usually so maybe just go in late evening might make more sense. Still would like to know the bus operation times. If it is truly nonstop 24hrs, that´s well. Thanks.
If you have a specific time schedule to respect and such an important thing to do as to catch a flight, my suggestion is: do not rely on public transport to get there, Take it from an every day user (for the past 30-odd years). The 86 bus does not run during the night. Most buses here don't. Please also note that services between 9:00 pm and midnight run less frequently.
Thanks Ernie, I understand. I just can´t really afford even more on a taxi or the like. I´ll just go to the bus stop around 9pm, eventually catch the bus and then wait around the airport till early morning. I´m up anyway during the late night, so might as well just go to the airport. If I plan to take the bus early enough, I´ll have enough time to know if things are falling through and as a back up will have time to take a taxi if need be. Thanks.
Going through shity Buenos Aires Oeste with your luggage at night is never a good idea
I took the Direct Bus to Ezeiza airport with Manuel Tienda Leon ( and that was good although it cost me 27 pesos. Still cheaper than a taxi and faster than a transit Bus which takes up to 2 hours.
Manuel Tienda Leon is a good company. Where did they pick you up?