Buen Goro

Jul 9, 2009
Hey there!
So I just finished my first parcial of the academic year, and have a serious craving to frag some noobs. Normaly this wouldn't be a problem but my computer's broken, so I need a recourse...any suggestions? The arcade in lavalle is a bit expensive at $2.20 a pop, was hoping people might know a good locutorio that has a nice selection of games

Bump. Cmon BA, there's gotta be some gamers out there!!
Ps I'm in San telmo so anywhere nearby would be ideal.
I have seen a place that offers some gaming machines, but I'm damned if I can remember where it is! Maybe somewhere near the Obelisko on Corrientes? Sorry I can't help you on a location.

Funny thing is, a buddy and I noticed the apparent lack of such a place and are currently planning to open a locutorio with regular phone booths and internet access, but with another room with our own game server and some decent machines, along with good bandwidth to support online games outside the site. Don't think we'll be around in time to help though :)

Many locutorios run their machines off of a fairly standard 3 mbit connection. The internet is pretty slow, and the machines can be substandard. I have used them on occasion in various places and don't remember a standard locutorio offering any real games, aside from being able to play things like card games that come with Windows or whatever the browser will support.
There is a mini arcade in the Alto Palermo mall top floor, its far from San Telmo but it's an alternative.
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