Villa Miseria


Apr 7, 2008
This tread could hopefully shed some light on Villas Miserias here in Buenos Aires. Anybody with experience or knowledge please post it here. When I first arrived here I was warned about the dangers of Villas but from my own experience have found that the people living there are humble and helpful, I have only visited in 4 different villas at different times of the hour but never felt any danger. What I have found out is that the government issues deeds for the homes (shacks) there but not for the land they sit on and they can not be sold but they can be transferred within a family, they also do not pay for electric or water.
I've visited El Jagüel, a small town next to the Ezeiza airport a few months ago. A part of town has been urbanized the last decade. Because it's on the border between campo and ciudad it's not as dense which gives the town/villa a pretty calm vibe. I took the Roca train to Ezeiza and was welcomed by a Dutch volunteer, working for the local church. He told me things actually have improved the past five years. El Jaguel was notorious for being the place where kidnapped people were being hidden.

People were very friendly and I didn't feel uncomfortable, I felt like some kind of tourist attraction. I do have to say that my guide told me that I shouldn't wander around here on my own ;).

But what I experienced can't be compared to the Villa 20 (bajo flores) / La Cava or slums like those...