VISA problem at ATM's


Feb 20, 2006
Has anyone been having problems withdrawing up to the 500 peso limit using there VISA lately? I had trouble getting money in 2 out of 3 attempts today and usually I don't have any problems.
I had a problem today (bank Boston). Had to try several times, ATM did not want to give anything and asked several times to change the amount. Ended up withdrawing 100 pesos. Only after that my card was released.
Me too! My bank last week was holding double the amount that I was withdrawing, and my available balance dropped below the minimum, and I began getting charged overdraft fees!!! I spoke with them, and they said one thing I can do to avoid holding double the amount would be to go into the bank and hand the cashier my card, and that way, the a human can do the conversion directly, and only put on hold the exact amount that I am withdrawing. Regardless, with this inability to withdraw more than a small amount of pesos, I think I will be entering the bank to see if they will hand me more! I will let you know what I find out. I would guess this goes along with the law about not getting large amounts of money through western union. It will make my life much more difficult if it is that!

One trick I learned in Brazil is to not choose the english option on the ATM. Using the english option, it would either limit what I could get or reject me but using the native language option, it went through.
Have you tried it since Sunday? The problem for us began on Sunday. I think my husband choses spanish (since he is Argentine) but I can't be sure. I kind of just want to get a general idea if it is just a few of us, or everyone.
I was dealing with this problem all day yesterday. Here's the deal. After speaking with a Banelco representative, I was informed that all VISA/Plus Network cards in the Banelco network will now only allow a maximum withdrawal of $100AR per operation and a maximum of 3 operations per day. This is a huge, widespread problem. I saw a lot of frustrated tourists yesterday who could not withdraw funds. I was told it was put in place for our "protection" in the event somebody steals your card, but it will kill the tourist industry here. Through a lot of research and networking, I was able to use my VISA debit at Banco Ciudad (not Citibank), choose the Cirrus network and then withdraw. I am afraid MasterCard will probably follow as the problem seems to be proliferating. Hope this helps, Brian.
Are there any banks where we can get a cash advance on our credit cards or is that as realistic as asking for a rocket to the moon?
The answer is short. The Banelco network will allow you withdrawals of 100 pesos up to 3 times in a day. The LINK network will let you get at least 1000 pesos in a day (I didn't try for any more), so maybe you can. So the short and the sweet of it is. Use LINK machines.
Regards, Pedro
1. I would like to see any articles on this problem. Please post whatever links to articles,whether in spanish or english, you find. thanks. I plan on writing a letter to the editor to the Herald about this and what i think of it. I see an article about this appears in todays BA Herald (see below for article. it didnt paste right, so scroll down).
2. Does anyone know with 100% certainly the name and location of any bank that will do a cash advance on a US-issued Visa bank card. i hear a lot of theories, i need a name and an address.
3. Comment. glancing at my online bank statements i can see right away that my daily withdrawals of 90 pesos which was posted as 29 dollars and change for a long time, soared last sunday.
All transactions after that time have been at a much higher rate, which must reflect this new transaction fee. 90 pesos now posts on my acct. as 32 dollars and change. Im seeing a 2 dollar charge per transaction. WOW (rolling my eyes, shaking my head, frowning).
BA HERALD ARTICLE (published today)

ATM glitch restricts tourists’ withdrawals



According to numerous reports received by the Herald, tourists, mainly of British origin, were only allowed to withdraw 100 pesos at a time from any automated teller machine, or ATM.
With tourists charged a considerable fee at home for every withdrawal abroad, the phone calls received at the Herald were less than happy.
Sources at Banelco, Argentina’s electronic funds transfer company, told the Herald that the glitch arose because a ruling by Plus had been misinterpreted by local officials and that this had resulted in the capped withdrawals yesterday.
"The glitch is being worked on and the system should allow tourists to make up to three withdrawals a day of up to 300 pesos each," the source said.
A similar confirmation was received by the Visa card company, whose spokeswoman, Carolina Samudio, said that the system will return to normal by today.