Visa Renewal, am I too late?


Oct 18, 2007
My visa is stamped Jul 15th. I am having a hard time calculating if tomorrow, Tuesday Oct 13th is considered 90 days or 91 days? Is it based on the hour that you returned?
I returned in the afternoon, so if I leave in the morning am I ok?:confused:
If you have 90 days in the country, tomorrow would be your last day. 7/15 + 90 days = October 13. I think you're OK?
You can go to imigration in Retiro (yellow building) and renew your visa for 300 pesos(if visa is expired you cannot do this) or you can go to colonia for the day and if your visa is expired you will be finrd 300 pesos and can re-enter the country the very same day and recieve a new visa of 90 days.If your visa is not expired you just have a day trip and get a new visa
My last entry stamp is July 16, and I am going tomorrow (one day early) on the fast boat to Colonia (210 pesos) at noon. I suggest you go early to Buquebus to buy your ticket. Your chances of getting an extension at migraciones are slim unless you get there very early in the morning to get one of the 50 numbers given daily for extensions (300 pesos).
I arrived at migraciones last Wednesday just before 8AM and received turno number eight for the prorrgas de permanencia, but that was also the day the subways were closed until 9AM. There still wasn't much of a crowd when I left at 8:45.

Given the fact that your entry date was the 15th, today was a holiday following a weekend, and tomorrow is only the "14th" I doubt you will have a problem renewing at migraciones. It won't hurt to try, will it? If they won't renew it for you tomorrow morning that still means you will pay the same $300 pesos when you leave, whether it is tomorrow or three months from tomorrow.

Please let us know what well as what time you arrived at migraciones, the number of your turn, and how long you had to wait. I'll do the same after I go again later this week.
I ended up going to Colonia ($218 Buquebus). I guess I was within the 90 days since I wasn't fined...
For what it's worth... when I entered on October 1 my tourist visa stamp is for "3 meses" not "90 dias". According to my Argentine roommate, this means I actually have until January 1 to renew. I wouldn't be surprised even if the stamp reads "90 dias" they still count it based on the day of the month you arrived. So, technically I bet you had until October 15.
Just a quick question about Buquebus, is it 218 one way or roundtrip? Also, is it cheaper to buy online or just show up in the morning when you need to go? Are there days when all the tickets are sold out? Thank so much!
I really recommend Colonia express for the visa run. My last one cost me 130 pesos, and included lunch and a tour...