Visa Renewal Option...Concordia???

BsAs Photog

Oct 15, 2008
Okay, first of all. I am a freak in that I love to travel by train, so we will get that doubt out of the way. Here is my question.

I have already visited, and fell in love with, Colonia to get my Visa renewed. Now, I would like to take a long weekend and go to Concordia, in Entre Rios.

It costs less, although I will be spending more time on the train than in Concordia, but, like I said, I am up for the adventure.

My only question is, are the facilities available, in Concordia and Salto, to perform the Visa switch if I cross the river, there?

Anyone tried it this way? By the way, the train, at least tourist class and one step up, are also a little cheaper than the Buquebus route.


Am kind of an train adventurer too! But I actually never took this service yet because I am not living in Argentina. I think it is a good idea if you want to know a new way of travelling and the cross of the two suspension bridges on the two branches of the Parana river is something you'll never forget. The downside is that the tracks are so badly maintained by the private freight operator (ALL) that the trains goes at a maximum of 50km/h, so it takes about 10hs to get to Concordia. Be also aware that due to the poor condition of the track derailments and delays are not that uncommon. Other than that, it should be a fun experience.
You can check the times and days in this webiste

It should be ok to cross to Salto because there has to be a migraciones post to stamp your passport when you re-enter Argentina. There should be a bus to cross you both directions or ifnot, at least a remise. And the neighbours have already given up on blocking the pass due to the Botnia pulpmill issue.
I think that you had better get an answer from someone who has made this trip to Concordia to renew their visa....recently.
If there is anyplace in the world where "Murphy's Law" would apply, it's Argentina.
I've crossed a couple of times between Colon and Paysandu and haven't had any problems. It's very quiet. I can also recommend the Duty Free shop on the Uruguayan side. They have very cheap Bombay Saphire Gin :)
I crossed recently between Colon and Paysandu to get a new visa, but found nothing much to do in Paysandu so we returned to Colon within the hour.
I've been to Concordia also on the drive up to Florianopolis last summer, personally I much prefer Colon though as a place to visit.