Apr 7, 2007
Hi moveing to B.A. in April I have a few interviews but not quite sure about the process.If I land a job the Argentine consulate in the states tells me i have to then come back to the U.S. and get my passport stamped along with all my records translated in Spanish. Also what is the best way to extend my stay in Argentina while i go through this. As a student or on a tourist visa?
Piermo, probably the easiest way to extend your stay in Argentina is to cross the border into Uruguay then turn around and come back into Argentina, stamped for 90 more days. Using a tourist visa. I think you can also pay 100 pesos at immigrations to have your tourist visa stamped for 90 more days also, this is a one time only deal though. The border crossing thing has no limit.
thanks for the info mad maxx, one thing is for sure bureaucracy knows no bounds
Anyone have any advice on getting a work visa? I think I might have lined up some work so now I'll need to get a work visa (I'm from the UK). I'm guessing that this isn't going to be simple due to past experience with other procedures here! Or is it as simple as going to the UK embassy and asking nicely?
Does anyone know the specific address of the office in BA where you would pay the 100 peso fine and validate your tourist Visa. Also do you know what information, besides the passport (and of course the money), that immigration would need in order to grant the extension.
I think that I was able to answer my own question with info from another site but could someone else verify this, or if this is not the proper procedure, offer the correct one.

What I read was that it is necessary to go to this office

Immigration at 1355 Antártida Argentina Avenue in the Retiro district near Sheraton Buenos Aires hotel and Manuel Tienda Leon shuttle service terminal

with a copy of your entire passport your actual passport and 100 pesos and be prepared to wait a couple of hours to be issued the extension. True or false?
ericdharma: that's true, I've done it! Lot easier than going through all the hazzle of traveling to Uruguay - and cheaper too. I've also heard that if you've done the prorrogas, and then after 6 months leave for 24 hrs you can do the prorrogas again, ie. only have to go to Uruguay every 6 months.
Other question though: Anyone knows if I can work here if I have a student visa? Heard I'd be able to work 4 hrs a day legally with a student visa. Is that true? Please please, need a quick answer!
I can't answer your question, blondie, but I'd recommend asking an Argentine lawyer. I've been pleased with (Dr.) Juan Carlos Fernández, whose office is at Lavalle 1459, 1o. piso 16; his telephone number is 4373-4954. If your Spanish is poor, you still might confer with him as he speaks passable English and is married to a professional translator fluent in English.
Just to clarify what blondie wrote, (..."if you've done the prorrogas, and then after 6 months leave for 24 hrs
you can do the prorrogas again, ie. only have to go to Uruguay every 6
months"...) It is true that you only have to go to Uruguay once every six months, but one must do so 90 days after the prorrogas. So, yes, it is possible to go to the office of migraciones on Antardida a few days before the expiration of the 90 day tourist visa and get a 90 day extension at the desk of prorrrogas de permanencia. Then, after the 90 day extension, it is necessary to make the trip to Uruguay in order to receive a new 90 day visa upon returning to Argentina, thus starting the process over again. In other words, yes, you can spend a total of six consecutive months in the country before it is necessary to leave for Uruguay, but I don't think it's necessary to stay overnight.

I don't know about working with a student visa, unless you are required to get a DNI.

If you have a DNI (even with a visa rentista or pensiona) I believe that you CAN legally work in Argentina. You just can't vote or hold elected office.