Visiting Argentina during the winter


Apr 7, 2008
This coming July, I'm renting an apt in BsAs for 1 month. I'm traveling with my wife, two daughters (ages 16 & 19) and their two girlfriends (same ages as daughters). I'm thinking all points south are too cold. But what do you think about going to Mendoza or Cordoba by bus? Dead? Or can we still have a good time?
In July you would be coming in the midst of the winter vacation peak-season, so U will find that the whole country is open for business. Theater and movies for children, rides, all tourist points open and full, etc. Rather than DEAD you better make sure you have RESERVATIONS!!!
You and the family would enjoy Bariloche in July. We manage a sweet 3 bedroom lakefront house, PM me for more details if you are interested.
You should also go to Iguazu Falls while you are here. With 6 people you could easily rent a large car and drive up, stopping on the way. The drive is not bad - About 14 hours straight through. By bus I think it is about 18 or 19 hours. You can do a Zip line through the Jungle with a small rock climbing (with all the belaying safety ropes) and repelling to get to the platform....or you can walk up. Plus the falls are amazing!