Vitamins: A store like GNC?

Well it's nice to dream! GNC or anything like it will not be found here....I ship my supplements in...the only places I have types of vitamins, but not the selection is some of the larger Dietitica Shops...Selma Pharmacy...Zona Vital on to the Presidenta's house in Olivos....has a U.S. brand, small selection and a little over priced.
EvergreenGal said:
...I ship my supplements in...

Hi EvergreenGal,

What method do you use to ship your supplements in? What carrier? I'm looking to ship myself some supplements from the US, and I'm worried about having to pay 50% import duties and go to Retiro Post Office or EZE to pick it up. Since it sounds like you've done this a few times, do you have any pointers?

I would be carefully having vitamins shipped to Argentina. I made that mistake once and when I went to pick them up at customs in Ezeiza airport they made me go to the doctor and ask for a prescription for those very same vitamins. A lot of the vitamins you would normally buy at GNC are made by local drug companies. They keep them in the back of the pharmacy along with prescription medication. You only have to ask what you're looking for.
Yes my dad looked for a vitamin store when he was here....... we looked for about 2 weeks.. then he got tired and he just decided to just drink as much wine as he could each day instead!!!