Volunteering In Bsas


I didnt really know where to put this topic thingy but whatevers

So i was thinking about returning to BsAs next year sometime and i was thinking that maybe this time i would like to actually "do" something while im over there, instead of just spending my days strolling around shopping and seeing the sights and trying to collect every kind of kinder suprise toy there is like i did last time.

Ive never done any sort of volunteer work or anything like that before, and i dont even know if they have programs or that operating in BsAs, I would like to do something with kids or young adults or something but i dont really know what, im guessing there would be a number of 'teach english' type things.

Prefferably i would like some type of paid volunteer work instead of some straight-up-honest-to-god-from-the-bottom-of-my-heart-no-payment needed type charity work....that probably makes me sound bad but whatever.

I tried searching the forum but couldnt really find much beyond the sort of TEFL or whatever its called type thing

So has anyone done any volunteer work or know of anyone who has that could let me know what its like or give me some more information on it that would be super!

Next year is the world cup....do you folks think that will effect the cost of like tourist rentals? Last time i stayed in a very nice apartment in Palermo for about $900 a month...but still its pretty far of for now anyway so it probably doesnt matter that much, who knows what else will happen between now and then :p


Hi, you might want to check out Ex-Pats Solidarios:


This was a sizable fair about 2 years ago that brought together NGOs looking for volunteers. You might start by posting your message here on their Facebook wall. That should get to the organizations that participated. If you don't get much of a response, look at the photos ... they have logos of the NGOs that were involved.


I would also enjoy volunteering as I plan to be here in BA for several months.. but what puzzles me about the young lady asking the question is

I have never heard of being paid to do volunteer work -- perhaps receiving lunch; or bus fare or a stipend but PAY -- does not somehow equate to the word
VOLUNTEER --- perhaps I am missing something here.

If so, please inform me... i am not trying to be cute.



hi thanks for the link, it didnt really help me that much but thanks all the same,
Maybe there just isnt much going on volunteer wise in BsAs...theres probably more in rural areas maybe but i wanted something more in the city

and when i said 'paid' volunteer work i meant just like some will atleast cover some of your like travel exspenses, to and from the place you are volunteering like and some will cover a small amount for food costs or whatever, i meant stuff like that not an actual proper wage or anything thats what i meant


What can you offer a volunteer organization? Most here have very little money and they would prefer to hire local who knows the language and culture, and also have a degree (social work, psychology, education, etc) and experience.
Many orgs will request that you pay them because it is work for them to 1) help you if you don´t know Spanish 2) your short stay can be disruptive 3) you don´t have any real skill to share.
you will have a hard time finding a paid internship with a company, a paid experience with an NGO is not likely.
There are plenty of ways to help--perhaps volunteering a few hours a week with an organization to get experience, and in the mean time doing the training needed to make you valuable in a future position.
A lot of organizations cannot even pay for basics.