Hello, My husband and I just moved to Buenos Aires after retiring! We are traveling the world but will stay in Argentina for 2-3 years as a home base to travel South America. For now, I am looking for volunteer opportunities that would help others and myself emerging in the culture. My Spanish is not so good but we are taking lessons from a professor 3x/week. Anybody know of volunteer opportunities?? Gracias!


last year our company did an event with habitat for humanity. i'm sure they would like volunteers if that kind of work is your thing :)


I assisted in the making of tables and chairs for the local charity here last week. Their processes were very inefficient and they made maybe 1 or 2 tables where I started cranking them out and finished about 10 in the same time. Manufacturing mode is your friend.

I asked to come back because I am away from my shop at home and love wood working. I haven't heard anything back yet.

So look around for local food kitchens and see who they get there fixtures from. Maybe they'll need some help.


MARIE, my hobbie and profession is volunteering! so maybe you can join me sometime when I am in BA. Great to know folks are into my call and passion.