Sep 8, 2009
Ok so...I am living in Buenos Aires at the moment and looking for work teaching English, however with the Summer coming up it is getting difficult to find...so I am looking for some volunteer work...anything really as long as I can just show up and get involved...anyone who knows of anything would be great as I have googled and googled but nothing really comes up...thankyou! :)
Hi Katie, Check out www.saexplorers.com.ar. It is a group with offices in several areas of South America including BsAs. You could possibly volunteer with them or they will definately be a good resource. Buen suerte, Cindy
hi all

I saw this on craigslist - thought it would be of interest here ...

Giving blood to children -The easiest way to volunteer in Buenos Aires (Hospital de Niños, dr. Ricardo Gutierrez)

Date: 2009-11-18, 2:56PM ART
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The lack of blood donors is a huge problem in Buenos Aires.
Argentinians are usually not comfortable donating blood to other people than their relatives and friends.
This makes the system very vonurable, and those who are punished are those with few resources.
At hospital de niños, dr. Ricardo Gutierrez this problem is seen every day. Children come here from all over Latin America to be treated, but they are usually poor and can´t bring their family and friends to help them with transfusions. This causes great difficulties with their treatment!

This is where you come in. Please spend a morning of your time in Buenos Aires helping out the children at hospital the niños!
One donation can save three childrens lives.

For more information visit:

Thank you, Martin Riiser - volunteer at hospital de niños, dr. Ricardo Gutierrez
tel: 11-5781-7465
You can try Cáritas too.
Ask in any Catholic Church in the city.
I'm looking for two types of volunteering experiences, and any organizations that anyone has personally been involved with.

1) for myself, somewhere I could spend a few hours a week. I could help out with lessons in English, French, basic computer skills, that type of thing. I also really like kids so could just hang out with kids, play games, etc. I'm also open to helping out develop web marketing strategy, content, teaching/ setting up an intro to social media, etc for an organization I would become involved with.

2) for my friend. She's looking for something more or less 'full time' for about 2 weeks, in or with easy access from Buenos Aires, for example in a school or orphanage. She has teaching experience, speaks English, French, Croatian and is decent in Spanish. As she's not looking for accommodations, she's looking for anywhere she can volunteer without any fees (unless very nominal).

Thanks :)
intljournalist said:
Found all of these under the Facebook group "I "heart" Buenos Aires". All of them were listed under volunteer work. Haven't checked any of them out but could be helpful.





I am going to the LIFE orientation on Tuesday... from everything I have read and here sounds like an awesome operation.
SuperPilot said:
I am going to the LIFE orientation on Tuesday... from everything I have read and here sounds like an awesome operation.

I think LIFE means well, but everything is really poorly organized. It's clearly a money grab. If they ever meant for their volunteers to be effective, they would have them endure more than a 30-minute orientation. I guess the plus side is that I saw a side of life that I've never experienced in my own, but I think you could get a much better perspective if you just bought Jorge Tasín's book "La oculta: Vivir y morir en una villa miseria argentina".

Anyway, that was my experience. Let us know what you think after your first activity!