Walking gets you to the soul of Buenos Aires


Jun 20, 2006
Autumn is my favourite season in Buenos Aires just perfect weather mixed with clear crisp days. Yesterday I did a many hour walk from Palermo to Centro and then San Cristobal and back to Palermo.

I started from Malabia and Gorriti and walked straight up to Santa Fe passing the gorgeous houses from Costa Rica to Paraguay . This part of Malabia with its sycamore trees falling autumn leaves and beautiful architecture always makes me feel happy.

I then entered Santa Fe at a brisker pace with the sounds of Tango on my Ipod . For me the only music to walk with is Tango . I love Astor Piazzola http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep3E5jjAXT4
and new tango . My favourite new CD is Malevo with its fast and melancholic undertones goes with the mood of the city. I then walked up to Nueve de Julio turned a right and headed up to Avenida De Mayo and turned right there . Avenida De Mayo from 9 De Julio to Plaza Congreso has the most beautiful architecture of Buenos Aires and if you look around you will see incredible buildings including the world famous Palacio Barolo.

From Plaza Congreso I crossed to Hipilito Irigoyen and passed through the seedier neighbourhood of San Cristobal, Once and then Almagro. I would not recommend walking here at night but in the day it certainly is a interesting street with incredible architecture and old world cafes.

I then crossed back into Avenida Rivadavia past the glorious cafe of Las Violetas on the corner of Medrano and Rivadavia. This for all newcomers is the best cafe for a real atmosphere without the feel of a tourist trap. Their afternoon teas are highly recommended.

From there I crossed into Medrano and made my way to Honduras and back to Palermo Viejo and then Palermo Soho with its lively street markets.

Highly recommended
I think the economy is hitting you. You used to go everywhere by taxi.:D

If you read my blog you will see we are doing a lot of walking also these days. In fact we are walking over to Palermo today. Give me a ring if you want to meet for coffee.