Want to get more out of your time in Buenos Aires?


Apr 20, 2007
Take 8-week classes this June about Argentine history, art, literature, economics, culture & society, and politics or learn Spanish through interesting field trips and thought-provoking readings. Support Expanish, a local educational organization, in its first year of the program in conjunction with the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE).

In addition to classes you can go on excursions, participate in any of our workshops from tango and photography to wine tasting and SCUBA diving, and join us for fun activities, such as weekly fútbol games, dinners and asados. Come experience South America with Expanish! Please visit our website and Register for the Expanish “Summer” Program at http://www.expanish.com/universityprograms.html. You can also email us at [email protected] or call us at (011) 4821–3055.
Hey I'd like to do some of that wine tasting stuff, where do I sign up? On second thought maybe I'll just get myself a bottle at carrefour instead
In light of all the debate on here about Argentine culture, seems like
this might be a really great way for all the expats who are actually
living in BA to have far more informed debates about local life...

Plus it's nice to see a local organization promoting educational tourism in Argentina - kudos to Expanish!