Wanting To Buy Vitamix Or Blendtec Blender


Any tips, where I can buy these blenders in BA?

The international websites, dont have much info.

I was also looking to purchase in US but in US, they are only selling 110V, models!

The only option left is to get them from Europe!

Any better ideas, guys?


This is basically the same thing.



Have you used it?

The wattage of 1500 watts is definitely the same indicating its a powerful machine.

Though the blades are detachable unlike vitamix machines which comes with fixed blades and cleaning fucntion.



sells blendtec... Don't know if they have the home model or only the commercial one.

I can highly recommend the company here in argentina, though.


I have one in the US. Haven't found another blender as good. Mine's a 110V. Left it in the US for when I return. Used it for smoothies, soups, flours, milks and sauces.

Hope the search turns up fruitful. I'm interested in hearing what blenders you try if you go the route of an alternate. I <3 vitamix. :(


my favourite solution would be that one of you guys from the us brings me one next time he/she travels back...in germany they are the same price as in the us. but the price is euro:-(


have you bought it ceviche?
wanting to buy a vitamix as well. not sure about the prices here tough.
Yes, I bought a Q series machine ( blendtec) right here in BA. However, I bought it about a year ago. One of the best things I have ever bought in my life. Works *superbly*! Superb after sales service as well!


Do not buy in US ( due to different frequencies and input voltage and despite a use of transformer ; it won't work as well especially cos of the frequency change. did a lot of research on that)

Do not bring from Europe ( as its heavy ; though the frequency and voltage is same as that in Arg) but if you run into problems, you will not be able to get it serviced right here in BA, free of cost.
Ceviche -

I've had my eye on one of these for a while now. Is it really 'silenciosa', like it says on the website? How does it compare to a Vitamix, do you know?