wanting to make some girl friends.....


Jul 15, 2007
hello.. my name is Laura and i am now living here with my husband. he is from argentina and i am from Phoenix...I am looking for some girls, to make friends with, go out for coffee, have lunch or to go and explore the city... i have pretty good grasp of the city and of spanish... i like to hang out and talk... but going to clubs and things gets expensive, i like smaller places, and looking for a good group of people. let me know if you are interseted.. .
Welcome! I am interested in hanging out, going shopping or having coffe, even playing tennis or something to get some excersise. I am 35, from NYC. Maybe a we can get a group of a few girls and plan something. I work until 3PM so my afternoons are free. and I have a boyfriend so I am not all that interested in clubs or bars. But I always game for movies, plays, exhibits,. . . Hope to meet you soon. Veronica
Yeah...I would love to make new friends, for I am 33 and from Phoenix too! I have arrived back into BsAs as of two months ago with my Argentine boyfriend and 1 yr old daughter. Lately I have been missing home more than ever, which is a sign to me that I need to get my butt out and socialize. I am into eating out and cultural events as well and would love to do more activities outside to keep healthly. Most of all I love a good laugh. :)
I think a girls night out is a great idea. I will send you ladies info by personal note.
Why don't we meet at the Abasto Mall for coffee on Thursday around 5?

my name is Ambi, 34 - moved to BA 4 months ago from San Francisco with my hubbie and english bulldog. Am definitely interested in girl outings so let me know.... exercise, museums, coffee, eating, exploring all sound good to me.
Due to a hospital appointment I can't make it on Thursday, but would have loved to have come along so maybe if you are meeting up again in the future you will let me know and I'll be sure to come along?
My email address is: [email protected]
Little late for the Abasto meeting but next time I would love to join. Im 31 and from England living with my Argentine boyfriend. I have been living here for 5 months which is great but I also need to meet my own friends too.
Let me know for the next time.
I can not think of a better idea than a girls get together.
I know there are some great girls on here and I have been trying to plan to meet up with two of them. It sounds really good to get the girls together. OK im in the boonies but drive in to see my US girlfriend who lives in BA. We both have Argentine men.
It would be good that we made plans off the page so we dont attract all the stalkers LOL, who turn up to check us out so yeah notes are a good thing. Oh! btw am I invited?
Hi, I have come across this thread a little late but would love to be included in any future plans! My name is Louise, i'm 29 and from the UK, have been here since January living with my boyfriend. At first I thought it would be good to emerse myself in speaking spanish all the time but now i'm crying out to meet other expats in similar situations! Hope to meet some of you soon...
Me too!
I´m Claire from the UK, also 29 and living here with my boyfriend! I arrived last week and it would be really nice to meet people in the same situation.