Was granted permanent residency but still haven't received a DNI card. What happens if I leave the country?


Sep 20, 2018
Last time I left the country after staying six+ months, the people at the airport demanded to see my precaria, and stamped that instead of my passport. Now I no longer have the precaria, since it expired and because I am an actual resident. But I don't my DNI card yet. Am I going to show up on the system somewhere as being a permanent resident, or are they going to think I overstayed a tourist visa?
You will need some form of documentation to leave Argentina and return to Argentina. You can email Migraciones and tell them you have no documentation proving your residency. They will email you a form letter with your name on it, which clearly states, in spanish, that you have been granted residency and all the rights a resident enjoys. It's a 3-page document. You print it out and take it with you on your trip. It will get you out of Argentina and back in.
Thanks, I emailed Renaper. Should I separately email Migraciones? What happens if I just show up with no documentation? Can I leave and they will just issue some sort of expulsion order banning me from the country?
I entered Argentina in this same status -- with permanent residencia approved but without DNI.

I showed my passport, my expired precaria and I also showed "Disposición de residencia protocolizada" -- which is pdf document you can download on migraciones webstie (the same place where you downloaded your precaria).

They let me in without any issue.