washing machine repair service needed!!!


Feb 11, 2008
Have searched the sight and can't locate any suggestions...so will ask...does anyone have a name and number of a good washing machine repair service, one in the North end would be best, but will take what we can get as long as they know what they are doing!

Thanks for any and all referrals!
Andrés Servimax 4720-4247. i can only say the best things about him, he really knows his stuff. he is from san martin, but covers all of zona norte afaik.
Desertrose...thank you so much for the name and number....we were lucky enough to have a new friend suggest a repairman that was available and it seems he has fixed the machine, yeah! But I will keep Andres name and number handy for sure!

Also, many thanks for the Dentist information, you are a jewel!
The repairman we found is also skilled in hot water tanks and gas heaters...his name is Mario and his number is: 4636-1550

Doesn't speak English....very hard worker and very fair rates....he worked 3 1/2 hours on our machine and it is now working as best it can until he finds a new computer plate that burned out.

He came out the same day we called him!