we,re gonna meet up on Thurs night for pizza......

That's not so far from where I work. (three blocks actually!). If I'm still around at that time I'd love to drop by. How will I know you?
that,s great Mini...just walk in and shout "the drinks are on me"and we,ll be first up!!Seriously none of us have met before so it,s all part of the fun.I,ll be there at about 8 because I,ll be driving in from San Isidro after work,look forward to meeting you.just ask the waiter who the Brits are,,I,ll advisehim/her beforehand.I,m Howard,also Steve and James will be there for sure.see ya l8r
If you want, Merlinova.It will be great to meet you,as I said we,ll advise the waiter/waitress,VAMOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
I´d like to go but tonite is the After-Office party by the EuroClub.
If I can, I´ll stop by on my way, but it may be too early. We may be able to pass by around 730pm.
great stuff Joe.I will be there about 8 though..my cell is 1551641006,cheers