Web Designers/Programmers wanted


Sep 23, 2007
Hi All
I am opening a Web Design Studio/Programming in BA, I need good experienced designers and programmers, I am not an outsourcer, this is based in BA, TOTALLY legal, DNI's given if required....
I need good creative people.. who want to work, and build a team..I don't anyone with a Manana mentality!!!... I wnat people who understand Western Business Practices and Mentality... We have more than enough work to get on with!!
Offices will be in Palmero or Micro.. depending what is the best convience for all..
I am back in BA on Saturday... I am on [email protected] and always + 44 77 30 330 330...
It never ceases to amaze me that people who are in the labor force want equal pay to those who live in London, NYC. I am sure NTB would be fair in pay, as long as he gets the results he wants.
It makes business sense for employers to find labor force for less, it goes to the bottom line otherwise - he should be engaging in charity and not economics. Don't we all agree on that. Just think of it, like why would you pay for a 13 peso a kilo tomato if someone else is selling the same exact tomato for 5pesos a kilo. Savings and it goes to profit - isn't that what we are all in business for - not the only reason but mainly the sensible reason. Nobody goes into business hoping to loose money.
Outsourcing ( lower pay for the same job) is not a bad word. I amnot sure why NTB would preface his posting with such a line. Just interesting to read the post and the replies that followed.
...monkeys do not eat peanuts...elephants do. Monkeys eat bananas.
And the CEO of Merrill Lynch was paid good money but was fired yesterday because of bad decisions he had made for the company. So pay is not in direct relation to performance, integrity and work ethic.
Again, NTB, make sure you find a worker that is dedicated to your expectations, and pay accordingly. Good luck!