Web Nerdery Question


Hi all!

Against all my expectations, last time I posted a tech question here, I got a good solution and fast (thanks @camel and @MorganF!) So let's try again:

I want to be able to load a web page with a few parameters that go into the URL and that are different every time.

Ideally, I'd click a bookmark(let) that'd load a dialog with 3 or 4 input fields, the content of which would then go into a predefined URL.

Anybody knows a way of doing this?

Thanks all again!


Don't know of a bookmarket that does it -- but, as a former software developer, I will tell you: for a good programmer, this is <10 minutes of work. For an average programmer, <1 hour. For a bad programmer.... no comment. In fact, I once wrote a program that did precisely this -- but not in bookmark format, but from a command line prompt!!! I may even have it somewhere on my computer.....

You can teach yourself to code and use this as an excuse to learn, OR you can hire someone :) Even if he's expensive, for an hours worth of work, it's probably worth it, if this is something you will use a lot or use for your work.


If I were in your situation, I would just use a basic html form.

<form action="http://somewebsiteofyourchoice.com/index.php" method="get" target="_blank">
<input type="text" name="str1" value=""/>
<input type="text" name="str2" value=""/>
<input type="submit" value="Click (Press Enter)" />
You can copy-paste the code in the text file, save it as something.html on your PC and open it in any browser.


If I understand your question, then Randoms' answer is correct. You can load that small HTML file from your local system just like one from the web.

There may be another way to do it using a bookmarklet with parameters. I haven't tried this, but here's a link that might help:

That's browser dependent, but it looks like Firefox and Chrome support it.