Week holiday with family in September Bariloche/Salta


Feb 22, 2013
I am having my family visiting (2 yr old toddler as well - 6 people in total) and would like to go away for a week to either Bariloche or Salta. Both are similiar to get to - I'm just not sure which will offer a nicer holiday in terms of things to do and scenery?
I love both as well, but for your group I would say Bariloche area, although I would stay in Villa La Angostura and drive around to see the different lakes, towns and mountain scenery. If you want to spend the night in Chile, you can drive over the Andes (gorgeous!) and stay in the costal town of Puerto Varas...the Hotel Patagonia is great.
As mmoon says, it’s best to have a car in Bariloche, or Villa la Angostura.

When are you planning to travel? The month of May is not the best month to go to Villa. It rains... Bariloche is a bit better, it’s further away from the mountains.

Any other time I’ll always recommend this part of Argentina. In a few weeks the mountains will turn orange and hiking up to Cajon Negro is magical. With the 2 year old in a backpack carrier.

I’m planning to drag my kids up for their first colorful explosion hike.

If you want some information about Bariloche or Villa la Angostura PM me.
Thanks for the information - I will be travelling in the first week of September. I will likely require 2 hire cars to get around because of the amount of people.
Has anyone driven between Cafayate and Cachi in Salta? I have family friends warning me it's dangerous and unsafe but everything I read online tells me its fine as long as its not raining. Just be prepared for gravel roads etc. Planning on hiring a car and going Salta>Cafayate>Cachi>Salta.
LOL that's a nice photo - looks like it's from GTA. Was he offering you alfajores?