Weird One - High Quality Coat Hangers?


Hi all,

I realise this may seem like a near impossible question to answer, but does anyone know where I can buy high quality wooden coat hangers?
I want to buy a heap of wooden coat hangers similiar to those you find in Zara but haven't been able to find anything similiar for sale.
The only ones I've seen were in Jumbo Palermo, but they were made from cheap wood and didn't look like they were well made or strong enough.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be very grateful!:D



ha! you crack me up! I know good coat hangers are stupid expensive in oz. I have those cheap wooden types, even with the clips to hold skirts etc. They work fine in my house and I have about 3 skirts on each one. However if it's a store that you have back home perhaps not good enough.

You gotta stop buying clothes!! lol