Welcome to my country, Expats!!



Hello, Everyone, I greet you one and all well. I hope you have a good time in my little corner of the world and that my fellow countrymen have been nice and hospitable to you. My full name is Ernesto J. Reid, I am an Argentinian, 43 years of age, and have worked in the music industry for the past 19. Gosh!, has it really been that long? I am between jobs right now, so I have plenty of time on my hands. Should you need assistance with anything, just let me know. Being of Scottish and German descent, I have been involved with the Anglo-Argentine community for as long as I can remember. I am a singer and actor, too. Anyway, enough said about me. I'd like to meet you now!
Ernie Reid
Dear Tanghetto,
I have no idea who you are, nor do I know where you picked up those orangu-tan-like manners you are displaying. Having said that, I am afraid I must correct you here. I am a native Argentinian, and consequently this is, indeed, my country. Whether you consider it to be yours aswell or not, it entirely your problem.
I have no interest whatsoever in holding an argument with you. To begin with, you do not seem to be a worthy rival. Besides, the whole point of the exercise was to offer a warm welcome to those who have chosen to visit us. Obviously, you are only interested in getting someone's attention. You don't have mine.
Ernie, I just sent you a private message through the boardV
I have not insulted you ernie nor display the level of personal insult that you have very clearly showed to me here.

All I have said is this is not your country or anyones country to call their own . Its god country and when people say that it makes me laugh out loud
I will not be tricked into entering a discussion of religious or political content with you, or anyone else for that matter. I was taught to be cautious.
To be honest saying welcome to my country expats sounds sorta weird and to then speak of visitors implying that we're all either tourists, passing by or b class argentinians sorta makes me think that someone has an attitude problem. My parants are not Argentinians, my spanish isn't the best and I have only spent one year of my life in Argentina but I am an Argentine.
Why do you feel the need to constantly make it known that you are of "Scottish and German descent"? surely there are some personal issues behind that...
If this is how you respond to a friendly welcome and sincere offer of assistance (free assistance, that is), I am not intersted in knowing you. Have a nice time and make sure you leave before your visa expires. I am leaving this site right now (my visa here has expired).
He quotes where he is descendent from because he is proud of his roots. Argentina is a nation of inmigrants and it is very common to ask& talk about them--- As your children probably will, if you have some in this country, no? :)
Look at his english.... he lived only one year abroad and he writes better than me, and I spent over 20 years outside the country!!!
A real pity he left the site.... some people have been asking for months what they could do for new year´s eve and very few people bothered to answer..... now they had an option....