Wellness, Yoga, Acupuncture, and TCM


Jan 6, 2010
Hello! I'll be headed to BA in 6 months where I'll be calling it home for at least two years and wanted to know about wellness in BA.

Are there specific areas of BA or certain barrios that are more Yoga, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine centered than others?

Would anyone recommend any specific Yoga, Acupuncture, or TCM clinics / studios?

Thanks for any and all input. Cheers.
In Buenos Aires we have a small 'china town' in the neighbourhood of Belgrano. A very nice and safe neighbourhood to live. This is where I go for all my chinese food and cooking needs, chinese medicine, chinese health treatments and acupuncture. There are also some chinese clinics in central Buenos Aires (but I haven't tried them)
Best acupuncturist I have found so far is in San Telmo: Avenida San Juan 812 (70 pesos)

In China Town i have been to Mendoza 1722, it was the most painful acupuncture session I have ever been to (50 pesos)

Gonna try another one in China Town this week, will try to let you know how that one went.
Anyone have recs a little closer to Palermo area (maybe abasto, v. crespo, etc)

I am an acupuncturist educated and licensed in the US practicing here in BsAs; I do house calls and charge AR$150.

FYI, full TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is not done here (or not that I know of, and I've asked around)—not even among Chinese practitioners—as it is not possible to import the raw herbs nor the common patents (pills) from abroad.

I can also give you information about many of the yoga studios/centers around town, as I've done plenty of practical research!

Send me an e-mail if you'd like more information.
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