"we're Going To Puerto Madero" The Song... Is Genius!


Kevin Johansen is the best best best!!! I recommend you listen to all of his albums on Groove Shark... some great songs:
Anoche Soñé Contigo
Sur o No Sur
No Me Abandones
En Mi Cabeza
La Falla de San Andres

He sings in both English and Spanish and sometimes the two languages in the same songs, making funny bi-lingual puns!!!
Actually 'Puerto Madero' is not one of his best, you will know what I mean when you hear the other ones!
He is a half Argentine- half American who moved here when he was 12, then went to NYC when he was 18, and found himself having cultural identity issues.


I recommend you actually BUY his CD's.
He gets virtually nothing from streaming sites like Groove Shark.
Everybody needs to eat.
Miles, Zivals, Notorious, and many others will have them in stock, he is quite popular.


Gracias for the tips lucha54. An English girl who used to live here is coming back for a visit and someone posted this song on her Status Update (Facebook) where she mentioned that the countdown was on.

I clicked, and I laughed. Really funny stuff. I will check out the other songs, after my Spanish class... where unfortunately I've fallen for my teacher and I don't think that anything's ever going to come of it. :wub: