We're here!!!


Hey All, My name is James, 28 from California. Me and my friend Peter just arrived in BA and are totally clueless about everything. We plan on living here for 6 months as part of a multi-year trip around the world. We spent the last year in Berlin and wanted to get out of the cold. If anyone wants to meet up for some drinks or coffee maybe that'd be great. We are super excited about meeting new people here and finding out everything we can about this city!!! Best, James/Peter


jamesdrop me an email hollie.rolla@googlemail.comi have loads of stuff going on this month- some really good parties and an opportunity for you to get to know some great people. H x


James/Peter -
How are you enjoying BA? My boyfriend, Chris, and I are moving down there in January. We too are escaping for a while and thought it sounded like an incredible place. We'd love to grab drinks once we arrive!
Cheers - Katie, 28