We're new too!!!


Hi everyone,
My boyfriend and I moved here nearly 4 weeks ago from UK. We're both English and work for the same company over here. There are only 4 of us in the company and having spent every waking moment with my man, it would be great to have some female company.......even if its just to talk about where to get my hair cut and general female beauty places (sad I know!)! I'm sure Chris, would also love some male company to go and have a pint every now and again...........we want our relationship to survive, ha!
Anyway, my name is Natasha and I'm 32, I speak a little bit of spanish that helps me to get by. Chris is 30 (my toy boy!) and can say una cerveza por favor........we would be grateful of some new friends, so please let us know when you're next meeting up or if you fancy some new pals!
Natasha & Chris