Were You Looking for Life Coach in Belgrano?


Aug 27, 2009
Hi...someone in Belgrano was looking for a life coach.
The message to me was inadvertantly erased.
If you send me a private message, I woud be delighted to respond!
the coach to bariloche. Well, it felt like a lifetime! :)
esllou said:
the coach to bariloche. Well, it felt like a lifetime! :)

Then the coach to El Calafate (three whole days) must feel like all eternity. In Hell, of course.
A Life Coach is a professional who helps you "optimize" your life and well being. A coach is one who partners with you to--
  • clarify your goals
  • identify your own personal strengths and help you learn to leverage them in pursuit of your "best life"
  • create a step-by-step plan for success/wellness/etc.
  • keep the motivation high until you reach that goal
  • solidify the lessons learned, the nuggets you are taking away
  • appreciate who you are and who you can be at all times
If you are looking for a Life Coach, make sure you ask about their training and certification. (I'd reccomend that they be certified by the International Coach Federation.)

Note that Life Coaches may specialize in type of client (e.g., expats and independent professionals, as I do, or lawyers, single dads, women-who-do-too-much, etc.). Ask about their theoretical perspective. Argentine coaches are trained in "ontological coaching" (google that one). My own training is positive psychology and appreciative inquiry, by the way. Ask for a free consultation and find one with whom you have rapport.

US-trained coaches usually do coaching by phone, meeting clients for a half-hour to 45 minutes a week. The results show you usually do best with at least a 3-month commitment. Prices are generally similar to therapy, but coaching is NOT therapy nor a substitute for it.

Hope that clarifies it.