Western Union money transfer

Ronnie Hotdogs

Ok cheers, can you do it same way as Brubank? All they wanted was a photo of my DNI was surprisingly easy.
Same questions still stands then do AFIP get involved?


Yall think this new ccl clamp is going to impact western union? If this lifeline gets cutoff life will be very difficult here.
My quick, hot take here, jBlaze: From reading some of the materials, this won't directly affect Western Union transfers. These restrictions won't apply to any transactions outside the jurisdiction controlled by Argentina. WU transfers officially take place in one of the caribbean islands.

Simply put: I presume WU transfers will continue.

The waiting period and transaction size limits they are imposing, in my view, are an attempt to smooth out spikes in the exchange rate. In the run up to elections, you could see news come out that could fuel currency speculation leading to dramatic swings in the peso. The policies being enacted within Argentina's jurisdiction could have an affect on dampening speculative plays on the currency.