Western Union?

Hello all

Will there be an issue if my girlfriend were to send me money from her Argentine bank account to my U.K. bank account through western union? Read some stories about people experiencing difficulties and was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the situation from past experiences etc. Thank you
I might be mistaken but when you use western union, the banks are out of the equation,she would need to send the money thru western union in Argentina(most of the times they are located at the post office )to the closest location to your town,she'd need to include this info, your full name as it appears in your id card, and the zip code of your location, then you will get a confirmation number sent to you by western union on your cell phone, with that information you can go to the nearest western union office in the UK to get the money, of course there's a percentage they charge for the transaction and also there might be a limit of money that can be sent (especially sending from Argentina), i hope this helps