what is up with the machinery in pedicures


Jul 19, 2009
Hi gals,

I have had two pedicures in my time here in BA and both times they have had a room full of crazy machines...it seems more like a workshop than a nice little something for the feet.

Now my feet aren't perfect but there is no way they require heavy machinery to pretty them up. Is this normal here or I am somehow finding the only places in BA that are a bit weird?

On that note, I am in Almagro, but am looking for a pedicure a bit more like home (with a foot massage and less tools). Anyone know any good ones (close or further away - after the last one I will make the trip).

I couldn't tell you for a fact but have in mind that you must have a degree to become a registered chiropodist in Argentina (hopefully from UBA) as they deal with more serious issues than painting toenails and the like whereas pedicures are only supposed to be trained beauticians who specialise in foot beauty.
Now, having said that, many pedicures might actually be performing chiropodist's treatments-which is highly unrecommendable, methinks :D- therefore the machinery.
Just a guess, though.
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