What to do other than eating and drinking.


Jan 6, 2008
Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can give me any tips on clubs or groups, or where to look them up, for things like rock climbing or other activities where I can make friends while doing outdoorsy things. I'm not a restaurant/cafe/nightclub kind of person and aside from the gym I haven't figured out what Argentines do other than go out to eat and drink at ungodly hours. I'm from Australia and I've been here a few weeks. Thanks!
Do you enjoy theatre, the arts, lectures? Or even zoo-going, other sightseeing? If so, Bs.As. has an abundance of activities for you; best, though, if you speak passable Spanish (if you don't, there are good teachers around: among them, Stella Maris García, who taught me the finer points but also teaches absolute beginners).
you forgot smoking a pack of cigarettes in a one sitting haha.. its getting to me too .. maybe you and i should start a group huh?
drink mate in parks, get into fotball, chat on msn, play chess with the old guys in the parks.

Hi,smoking is hard (even it is not ouside) but since yesterday I know a nice bar in Belgrano where you can smoke inside too and all nonsmoker (as I am) can smoke too *smile* So I smoke a little bit passiv and drink some copas too :)