What would you bring to Argentina with you?


May 1, 2023
Hi all. The misses and I are going to move to Cordoba next month and are having trouble deciding what's worth bringing or leaving. We're getting rid of lots of stuff but still decided to bring most of our clothes, my computer and some other gadgets, and some other random things we think might be hard to find there, but in general I could really use some advice on what is worth bringing from abroad vs buying new there.

We plan on taking about 8 suitcases with us (I did weeks of research into shipping our items there and finally decided it's too troublesome and potentially costly). Would you mind giving me some advice on the kinds of things that are worth bringing (assuming we already own it or can get it for a much cheaper price outside Argentina) as opposed to leaving them here (selling them off for second hand prices) and buying them again in Argentina?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Depends on the person, but broadly speaking I would say that clothing, computers, and exotic/hot spices are either less available, lower quality or more expensive than I expected.
Cash, personal electronics (phones, watches, tablets, power banks, etc), an extensive medicine cabinet (antibiotics require a prescription here now, I also haven't found St. John's Wort or several anti-allergy treatments), herbs, spices and sauces, and marmite / vegemite.
this is always a depends on the person question.... i brought a great set of bed sheets a couple of thick nice towels... some spices and a thick quality frying pan..... this was 20 years ago on my first visit..... i was very happy i did the rental stuff was a disaster hahahaha but bring the things you love and cant live without.... enjoy your time in cordoba....